2009 Saab 9-7X

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There has been astonishing talk about the 2009 Saab 9-7X in the year 2004 that the Saab would introduce its first ever SUV model into the USA, New York market. This SUV model is none other than the 9-7X model that the engineers have based its manufacturing totally on the Chevrolet trailblazer. This design aspect has made the talks come true with regard to Saab introducing a car that looks like a Saab as well as drives in accordance with the name given to the make. This model initially intended to be a $40,000 luxury sport utility car has evolved with the same power train that Chevrolet trailblazer has used like that of 300-hp,5.3 liter tank capacity and the pushrod V-8 tested model named as 5.3i. The other power set up is the 291-hp with 4.2 liter tank capacity contained 4.2i model but with the DOHC inline 6 engine that operates on the venerable transmission and the harsh shifting 4 speed automatic.
The model does have the other basic features like mechanical-suspension, brakes and steering all are improved in their design and making standards with the intention to bring in changes to the body-on-frame along with modifying the solid-rear-axle platform. The engine has got the special and attractive aluminum block and heads that gave the new definition to the way the engine is assumed to appear in the car models. Port fuel injection has been sorted out to be the additional feature possessed by this car engine.
While the engine make would have been slightly different the engine type has not changed. It still remained the same old front engine. The passenger seating is maintained to be the same like that of 5 passenger body but with the 5 door wagon style thus making it completely attractive for the viewers and car owners. The added advantage that the design has got in it is because of the well-integrated trapezoidal grille fits that are seen on this car exterior. The 18 inches wheels design of the car has made its drive on the road simply astonishing. The stiffer shocks and the effective springs are in place to take care of the security aspects for the people sitting in the car. Car design that is more stressed even in this model is no cladding while the present generation is more aligned to the choice of no plastic cars. There is a competition that exists but still hope it would overcome with ease.


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