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2010 Mercury Mountaineer – Lack of Competence
Mercury Mountaineer 2010 is a vehicle which belongs to the category of a medium sized SUV; however, this vehicle offers a structure like a truck as well. The vehicle being fitted with the choice among engines offers you a great power. There is a choice between selecting either a V6 engine of 4 liters or a V8 engine of 4.6 liters. Apart from being equipped with a decent engine the vehicle also offers a number of attractive features as well like the climate control, audio system, leather upholstery and much more. However, despite of adding so much of the efforts in the interior and performance of the vehicles the makers made a mistake with the exteriors and that amounts to a failure or you may say a lack of competence. Apart from the outlook of the vehicle also have several other weaknesses too.
Unacceptable Structure
The makers despite of trying their best in the manufacturing of this 2010 Mercury Mountaineer created an SUV which was not like the SUV’s of that year and offered a little odd structure. Rather than appearing as SUV, this vehicle is more like a small truck. Many people consider this car a luxurious one and it surely is due to the features being offered however, this vehicle is less a car and more a luxury version of the truck which is a turnoff for a number of prospective buyers. The SUV’s being launched by the competitors during that period were much different as compared to this and that is the reason this vehicle couldn’t take the lead like the other SUV’s of that time.
Lack of Fuel Economy
The vehicle being perfect in terms of performance lacked at fuel saving. The matter of fuel economy is the most important one for all the buyers; however this lacking on the part of this vehicle made it a little incompetent among the buyers and the preference was given to the other vehicles being launched in the same year. Moreover, it was also stated that the safety measures being incorporated in the vehicle are also not up to the mark. Therefore the two reasons of which one is the safety concern and the other and the most reasonable one is the lack of fuel economy made a number of buyers turn their heads towards other vehicles.
This small mini truck turned out to be somewhat a failure for the company however, a few of the families preferred purchasing it as well.


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