2011 Mercury Mariner

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The high-performance car with elegance is none other than 2011 Mercury Mariner. It comes with

2.5 liters and inline 4 cylinder engine that produced 171 horsepower.”The comfortable car will

give new driving experience”. The engine comes with six-speed automatic transmission that makes

shifting quiet easy and smooth. The riding and handling of the car be quiet smooth giving the

new experience of driving. The classy interior satisfied one who lives luxurious car. The interior is

equipped with auxiliary audio system and leather wrapped steering wheel. The moon roof is one the

new feature of 2011 Mercury Mariner car. Safety has been given high importance and so stability

control system comes with security system.”The model is impressive and popular among sporty car


Being a full multiple, the 2011 Mercury Mariner utilizes both series- and parallel-hybrid features. The

fuel engine turns down to preserve energy during coasting, at stoplights, and at low rates of speed.

The engine unit, an illustrating power from battery power, is able to drive the Mercury Mariner

without assistance up to 25 mph. It has 2.3 liters of DOHC Duratek four-cylinder car engine with 2

ac power google with 250 D of size nickel made metal hydride battery power in a lightweight, rear-
mounted, enclosed program. The Mercury Mariner could increase to 25 with electrical energy. The

gas engine instantly turns down at stoplights, during coasting or while Mercury Mariner is creeping

at low rates of speed. 2006 2011 Mercury Mariner Hybrid has a greater gas mileage in city driving

where engine unit operates the Mercury Mariner up to as much as 25 mph. It has an all-new brilliant

4WD System, which instantly exchanges twisting from a front part to back as required by road

conditions without car owner involvement. Mariner car includes a 2.3-liter 16-valve I-4 and a 3.0-

liter 24-valve V-6 Duratek engine. Both mirrors come with a standard 4-speed automated transaxle.

It also functions a front part end with the straight, satin-aluminum-finished fountain grill creating

the sailing 2011 Mercury Mariner symbol. The ligament functions a stack-element concept with

complicated refractor head lights over inset fog lights. A high-impact-plastic aluminum looking

fender place and U shape air consumption below the fender. 2011 Mercury Mariner has the newest

level of the Personal Protection System TM, one of the most extensive and technically innovative

safety systems available in any Mercury Mariner in any class. Seat-mounted front part side air purses

and part air layer air purses are optionally available with the all new 2011 Mercury Mariner.


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