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2014 Mitsubishi Mirage- What Every Aficionado Should Know

This fundamental five-door car actually comes in confection jug shades with a decent guarantee and a most extreme mileage rating of 44 mpg roadway. The Mirage is flexible, its one-ton weight is not difficult to toss around and its controls or inputs are smooth. It gets respectable execution from a 74-hp 1.2-liter three-chamber and the five-pace manual, yet the fuel-sparing CVT is better for movement. Like fast food, it is modest, doesn't claim to be something it isn't, and accomplishes the employment

Auto writers say the 2014 Mitsubishi Mirage has some reasonable claim in light of its low value and long guarantee, however adversaries have better taking care of, more power and a great deal more style.


The 2014 Mirage has a three-chamber motor, keeping in mind test drivers say the Mirage is fit for accomplishing thruway speeds, they likewise compose that quickening and passing obliges some thinking ahead. A couple of analysts specify that the motor is boisterous, which is a typical grievance about subcompact cars. A ceaselessly variable transmission (CVT) is nonobligatory, however some test drivers note that the standard five-pace manual transmission brings about a significant improvement utilization of the motor's energy.

The Mitsubishi Mirage's lodge is plain and generally plastic, faultfinders say, however sound and atmosphere controls are instinctively put and simple to work. Test drivers say the front seats are agreeable and the lodge has satisfactory space for four grown-ups, however, as in many subcompacts, back travelers may be confined. Standard peculiarities incorporate a four-speaker CD sound framework, a USB port, programmed atmosphere control, force side mirrors and keyless entrance. Discretionary gimmicks incorporate Bluetooth telephone network, front and back stopping sensors, journey control, guiding wheel-mounted sound and voyage controls, push-catch begin and a route framework with a rearview Polaroid. While analysts say the lodge isn't innovative, it comes standard with gimmicks that are nonobligatory on a few adversaries, including a USB port and programmed atmosphere control.

About Refinement

Then again, since the Mirage is light to the point, no more power to get it around, yet to empower the majority of the above, it leaves a couple of things' afterward, including refinement. In spite of the fact that the lodge is moderately appealing, it’s assembled from the most finish accumulation of hard plastic I've seen in a car in years. The fit and completion is so-thus, and there doesn't appear to be any protection underneath it.

Street, wind and motor clamor fill the lodge without restraint, the final one of those sounding something like a broken duck call. The aural ambush might be physically depleting on long treks, which is disastrous in light of the fact that the material upholstered seats are really agreeable.


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