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Amazing features of 2012 McLaren MP4-12C

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This model is very sophisticated and stylish than its predecessors

Best features 2012 McLaren MP4-12C

Twin turbo engine - This model makes use of only V8 engine and turns out a horse power of


Luxury ride - Most of the cars can go with higher speed where as some can go with more

comfort. Only few vehicles can perform both and McLaren MP4-12c is one among that. This car

model weighs less than 3000 pounds and it weightless feature make it to hit a speed of about

205 mph and cover 60 mph in less than 3.3 seconds.

Interior and exterior

This car is quite comfortable. The seats are placed appropriately in such a way that there is

more space for the cargo. There is a large directly in front of driver seat to know the travelling

speed. Between the driver and the passenger seat there is a long stretched console and rises

into vertical screen which resembles the biggest iPhone in the world.

The amazing and the super look of this car make its admirers to stop at their tracks to have

a look at this car. The vertical openings of the doors are the magical design of this car. The

front, long and the trapezoidal head lights are similar to that of Ferraris. This model is very

sophisticated and stylish than its predecessors.

Standard equipments and optional equipments

This model comes with twin turbo charger, V8 engine and seven speed automatic or manual

transmission. The front wheels are of 19 inches and the rear wheels are of 20 inches, Cruise

control, bi-xenon head lights, touch screen monitor of seven inches, climatic control system,

and meridian sound system of four speakers along with USB, FM, and AM and is integrated with


This model can be taken into much higher heights with brakes made of carbon ceramics. A new

upgraded exhaust; custom designed interior trims, satellite navigation and upgraded audio


Driving dynamics

Irrespective of the power, weight of the vehicle with full tank gas offers good performance of

the vehicle. Its lower weight has many advantages like handing and maintenance. All these

factors make 2012 model; as the best vehicle with higher efficiency.

Fuel economy

This car is provided with its respectable mileages for its high performance i.e. 55% is given to

the city 15 MPG, 45% is given to the highway 22MPG. So, it is 13% efficient than other models

and it makes use of premium unleaded fuel. If assumed to travel 15,000 miles annually which

includes 55% city and 45% highway, the average gas price would be $3.70 per gallon where as

fuel cost you about $3,083.33 annually.


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