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No beating around the bush with Chevrolet HHR

2015-04-26 01:43:31 / author: Aditya Pokharel views: 7 / 4781

This video will not beat around the bush, insert subtle messages or slowly hint to what it wants to say. It comes to the point directly.

The Chevrolet HHR is the new revolutionary auto and it can be the basis of many great things in future. This is basically what this advertisement wants to convey and it does so without any difficulty. At the time when commercials are getting cleverer and cleverer, this simple video reminds us that advertisement can be done in traditional ways.
No beating around the bush.
No indirect hints at the product being the best.
If it is indeed that good why not tell it directly.
Smart move by Chevrolet HRR on this one.



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