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A few years back, General Motors eliminated Saab off its headquarters roof. As the Swedish car manufacturer faced its slow demise Spyker came to its rescue, which put Spyker to a free fall. Though shameful, the 2011 Saab 9-5 sedan is one of the best cars manufactured by this Swedish manufacturer in the recent past.
This model is a front-engine drive with a complete front wheel drive with four doors accommodating five passengers. The car is powered by a two-liter turbocharged DOHC sixteen-valve inline-four aluminum block and head direct fuel injection mechanism. The turbocharger is twin-scroll providing 220 horsepower at five thousand three hundred rotations per minute. The torque has been improved to 258 pounds-feet at two thousand five hundred rotations per minute. Though, this model is not as quick as the all-wheel V-6 turbo model and also losses out by an ounce for external flair it is competent and cheaper. It lacks the top trim Aero optional nineteen inch wheels but being able to save almost ten thousand dollars, the model is among the best deals in the lineup.
“The 2011 Saab 9-5 with its six-speed automatic mechanism results in zero to sixty in 7.9 seconds.” You can reach quarter miles in sixteen seconds at a speed of ninety miles per hour but if you are looking for more speed, you can choose to fill up with E85. According to the company officials there is no change in output; however, efficiency was seen reduced at 17 MPG with E85 and 22 overall with gas. The steering wheel is playful but lacks the athleticism available by strut layout on the front and the multi-link setup at the rear. The flat corners come at a cost of having a stiffer ride. The brake performance is also powerful with the vehicle stopping at one hundred sixty six feet at a speed of seventy miles an hour.
The transmission is six-speed automatic with manual shifting mode. The wheelbase is 111.7 inches with curb weight at 3886 pounds. The car’s length is 197.2 inches with a width of 73.5 inches and height of 57.7 inches. The sheet metal is tailored with roomy cabin space available at an affordable price making the 9-5 an attractive option for entering the premium car segment. However, considering the financial difficulties and small network of authorized dealers, the Swedish car manufacturer needs some super powers to enter the market and improve sales significantly.


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