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The 1998 Eagle Talon- Getting Better and Better

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Mitsubishi has engineered the Eagle Talon, which was also styled by Chrysler and built in the United States, within the plant “Diamond Star”, which is owned by Mitsubishi and Chrysler. Some of the engineering in Chrysler was involved, yet far and away, these used to be the names and logos of Eagle and Plymouth with Mitsubishi.


Knowing More about the 1998 Eagle Talon


1998 Eagle Talon was introduced with about 2,700 pounds and a choice of standard as well as turbocharged two-liter engines. It also pushed 190 horsepower in the year 1990 and could easily run 14.4 seconds at about 96mph, which is about the same as the 1974 360 Valiant four-speed. The iron-block, aluminum-head engine simply used the dual overhead cams as well as four valves for every cylinder. The turbocharger was then intercooled with an extreme boost of 11PSI. When the power is maxed at 6,000 rpm via the engine, it could run up to 7,000. The engine simply had about 60-dergree angle with the large intake. Its dual coil ignition was also used with the electronic fuel injection, thus the transmission was synchronized fully and had five speeds.


The 1998 Eagle Talon’s suspension had its independent struts up front and three-link trailing arms in its rear area, with the rack as well as pinion steering, four wheel disc brakes as well as the on-turbo cars. Such cars had its heavy duty sway bars, 1 inch in the rear and then ¾ inches up front. The all-wheel drive was then available in the Talon.


The Second Generation


In 1995, the second generation started, making Talon totally popular. The new Talon had a 50% stiffer body with the torsional rigidity enhanced by 60%. The track is now wider and the base of the wheel is longer for a more advanced handling. There are three levels available, TSi, ESi, as well as TSi AWD. The TSi had its standard turbocharged engine, which is now producing a horsepower of 210 and five-speed stick or 205HP with the four-speed Chrysler automatic.


It has the standard 2.0 liter engine, which is now unrelated to the turbo. The 1998 Eagle Talon is also used on the 1995 as well as Mitsubishi Eclipse. This was also a version of the new Neon DOHC engine, and pumped out 140HP through the five speed stick of Chrysler or a four-speed Mitsubishi automatic. The usage of this engine which started in the year 1955 was then the first time American engine and a transmission were then supplied in volume to the Japanese automaker. The project executive, Dave VanRaaphorst said, “It speaks volumes that Mitsubishi is now considering Chrysler engineered electronics and powertrains-when it comes reliability, power, especially efficiency.”


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