2014 Maserati GranTurismo

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GranTurismo is the car that has a spacious interior and best for giving sports experience. The

new model has V8 cylinders of 4.7 liters that show one can drive it in high speed on highways

making driving quiet enjoyable.”The Model will give the feeling of racing car on highway”. The

headlights are using LED lights that will give lights even at daytime. It has three adjustable

modes to decide the type of driving. The car has styled curves that make it extraordinary and

stylish. It also has stability control to make driving safe on roads. The new edition has logo

shape in wheel making different from others. It is available with open roofs and packed that

shows it is convertible.”It is luxurious and sexy in look.

But let's keep the competitors aside. French automobiles do not have to generate only in

a direct line, but also offer a satisfaction in the sides. And Maserati was successful. Braking

system slowly the car constantly, despite the warm and high-speed and all rim generate, allows

you to exchange without falling all the power of the street, even on the dirty sidewalk. In this

situation, the Italians use the same rim generates transmitting organization Magna, as BMW.

The technicians of Maserati 2014 GranTurismo voluntarily confess certain technical

alternatives. The Italians really liked the all-wheel generates BMW, and they requested from

Magna the same. But this does not mean that 2014 GranTurismo is like the In German device.

No, it is wholly-owned French. Just Maserati lastly got a respectable amount of financial

commitment that has permitted them to go in the same route as that of the Spanish people.

2014 GranTurismo has ideal engine, ideal transmitting and ideal revocation. Maserati did an

amazing job with the sleek operating. Power concentration of the revocation is much greater

than those of the same GranCoupe. It is exclusively developed for European streets. Even rate

lumps are missing somewhere between the springtime windings French automobile.

As a whole, I like Maserati 2014 GranTurismo, and it seems that this automobile will actually

offer well. The place in Grugliasco is able to generate a highest possible of 22,000 models per

season, which is not much. Given that the costs of the car in European countries are between

50 and 70 million dollars, and it is no more than the In German opponents, the possibilities of

the Italians look good. Moreover, Maserati is developed to offer 400 automobiles in European

federation this season, which should be a significantly improve in revenue of the product in this



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