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An overview of the 2009 Saturn Sky

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Although users have several other options, the 2009 Saturn Sky provides a viable choice delivering comfort and personality. The new model combines Bluetooth connectivity through OnStar and a modified special edition trim. Primarily, this car is an attractive looking model and even after several years since its first launch, the car is able to make heads turn around for a better look. Many of the potential buyers consider this as worth the cost of buying this car. Combining this with the fact that this car provides a sporty and competent drive, it becomes another option for convertible Miata and Mini. The base model is available with the additional spicy Red Line.

One of the drawbacks of this otherwise successful model is the manually operational trunk and top. Although these manually operational tops are not a big deal especially for sporty driving, the operation of the Sky’s top is excessively very complex. In addition, accessibility to the trunk can be equally complicated because the stowed top uses a lot of space below the back deck lid. One other concern with several potential buyers who use their vehicles daily is the lack of reliability of this model for such purposes. Many people are also concerned about the small interior storage space and the low quality interior plastics used.

However, these minor drawbacks can be easily overlooked because style is primarily the most important factor that is driving higher sales for the new 2009 Saturn Sky. For buyers who need better performance, the option of including several dealer installed upgrades, which include exhaust to suspension, is easily available. The sharp styling, spacious cockpit, relatively affordable pricing, comfortable highway drive, and the high performing Red Line inclusion are some of the major advantages of this model that are increasing sales.

Some of the notable features of this model include a standard electronic stability system with rear-wheel drive format. Buyers can choose either a manual or an automatic version or can also choose the high-end performance model provided by the car manufacturer. The company provides 260 horsepower 2 liter I-4 premium engine and 173 horsepower 2.4 liter I-4 regular engine. Transmissions options include five-speed manual w/OD and five-speed automatic w/OD. An expert snapshot for this new Sky provides excellent ratings for performance, its bold appearance, huge handling potential, and the price when compared to some other models in the same class. Most people who have bought the car are hugely satisfied with the overall performance of this model.


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