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The 2014 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is considered as necessity vehicle in the commercial


The 2014 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is considered as necessity vehicle in the commercial industry.

This generation of vehicle was first introduced in Europe during 1995.

Break down of the model

This model comprises only one 2500 models and the two 3500 variants. This model is available

in number of configurations that’s includes three body and 2 wheel case lengths. This vehicle

weighs about 8550 pounds. This smallest model is provided with wheel base of 144 inch which

stretches a length of 232.5 inches and 96.3 widths. This model is capable of carrying weights

between 2948 pounds and 3479 pounds which depend upon the length of wheel base. Capacity

of the cargo ranges from 318 cubic feet to 547 cubic feet.

The 3500 variant is provided with same wheel base. The overall weight of this 3500 variant is

9990 pounds and it can carry between 3885 pounds and 4434 pounds and can tow an optimum

of 7500 pounds when equipped correctly. Capacity of the cargo ranges from 371 cubic feet to

547 cubic feet.

The heavy models of 3500 variant weighs about 11030 pounds can carry goods up to 5485

pounds and also can tow 7500 pounds. Cargo capacity is similar to that of light weight 3500

variant models.

Standard and the optional equipments

Some of the standard equipments of this model are adjustable steering wheel hydraulic jack

and armrest on both the front seats, a storage area above windshield and an audio system with

five speakers.

Optional equipments includes navigation system, bi-xenon headlights, headlight washers, fog

lights, heated windshield, rear view camera, parking assistant sensors and rain sensing wipers.

Under the hood

2014 Mercedes –Benz Sprinter comes with an engine capacity of 2.1 liter and 4 cylinder turbo

diesel engine. It’s driven by the gearwheels and short chain. It has horse power of 161 and a

torque of 265 lb-ft along with automatic transmission of seven speeds. The presence of two

stage turbo charger helps in improving the efficiency of the vehicle. To save each and every

drop of the last fuel, all the sprinter models come with power steering pumps which kick only

when necessary.

Safety features

Sprinter is available with a number of safety features which includes spot assistance for blind

people, collision prevention assistant, assistance for lane keeping, monitoring system to

monitor the pressure of tire, high beam light assistance, windows air bags and thorax air bags

are the list of extra features that costs additional price.

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