2014 Ram 1500

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With the increase in demand for the cars in between 1990s and 2000s there has been a revolution in the car models and the configurations along with the changes that are brought in trims and other parts. All the earlier models though were workhorses designed for those rough freight carrying individuals today the Ram 1500 is being used as a regular vehicle by most of the individuals. One major advantage that the Ram 1500 EcoDiesel V-6 has in it is the change of design to use the compression ignition. A next version of the 1500 series is the R/T Hemi that is instrument tested thus giving the individuals the complete understanding of what set of features goes into the models that are released into market through the 1500 series.

The simple design of rear wheel drive along with six-foot and four inch box makes the standard cab that will help carry the individuals or else the freight whichever is the purpose of the individuals buying this vehicle. The Hemi v-8 offers 5.7 liter tank thus making it most economical for the drivers to fill the tank once in a while without having to look around for the petrol bunks. The single engine choice made in this release would give the horse power of 395 hp. This engine is supported with the 8 speed automatic giving 3.92: 1 rear axle ratio. Its weight is measured as 5106 pounds thus marking it as heavy weight vehicle that needs special attention from the person driving it.

Why is this weight gained by this model? The standard chrome wheels measuring 22 inches are neatly wrapped inside of the 285/45 series weigh about 90 pounds each together summing to nearly 360 pounds on a whole for four wheels. This shows what exact composition of weight has been placed in each part of the vehicle. One major drawback with the R/T model is that it is small in size when compared to the other full size trucks but giving the advantage of leaving them comfortable in the parking slots that are there within the city. One other drawback people have to bear is the occupancy limited to two persons with the two seated arrangement of the vehicle. Something that sounds better is that one could add the overnight bags just to be back of the seats. Of course to store something more important the facility to add two locking storage bins is provided thus making the truck to be complete.  


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