2014 Ram 2500

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The Ram 2500 has preserved the nature that its predecessors have left for it for being the heavy duty vehicle with the pickup assured by the special features entangled to its design like the towing capacity, power and durability. While supporting the earlier models it created its own unique place in the market for adding more features with the upgraded interior. Of course suspension facility is one more added advantage to this model. However, the latest versions have been incorporated many benefits for the individuals like the significantly increased output with the increased in-built capability supported by the new technological changes.
Coming to the details more specifically the Ram 2500 has attained more prominence in the public for the reason that its design uses the sheet metal the reason for which it has been identified as the most appealing truck from rest of the heavy duty trucks being able to handle good pickups. Most recently the ladder frame has been redesigned to use the high strength and highly robust 50 KSI steel thus making it more sustainable to the rough driving done by the driver. The other additions that could be counted on are the 8 separate cross members along with two more changes in the rails designs listed as fully boxed rear rails and the hydroformed main rails. All these changes have made the truck simple attractive for the increased towing capacity attained by it.
The recent chassis revisions have made it more wonderful in terms of ensuring confident handling along with being able to enhance roll stiffness. The rear additions made to the model namely five-link between the rear axle and coil springs have resulted in the more comfort ride in the situations when the truck is not carrying any load on it. The suspension feature we touched in the top has been introduced to achieve the improvement in the ride. Depending on the choice to compensate the payload or else to let the truck go as the attached trailer the ride height adjustments are made possible with the self-leveling function introduced in the latest revisions.
The Ram 2500 has been released into the market with 6.4 liter fuel tank supported with the HEMI V8 engine that is facilitated with the horsepower of 410 and the torque measuring 429 lb-ft. This version is an upgraded version to that of the standard version made available with the 5.7 liter HEMI fuel tank with the horsepower and torque slightly lower than the advanced version. However, the high version is made available only at an increased price.


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