2014 Ram CV Tradesman

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One should admit the fact that the Ram CV Tradesman is the most preferred commercial grade cargo van. It came into the market as the same old 2014 model with the Dodge Grand Caravan resembling body with no rear seats thus not allowing the driver to carry more passengers. Though the comparison done with the Ford Transit Connect says that the Ram CV is larger it is agreed that this model is smaller than the other full-size cargo vans. Technically analyzing this model one could find only one trim. This feature has made everyone to consider this as the stripped down model than the earlier model Tradesman.
As per the analysis and the thesis it has been understood that this model is released for those shoppers who do want a cargo van without having to spend too much. The individuals who were looking for a cargo van have found this to be best fitting their budget as it just costed $22,000 inclusive of the shipping charges. This price is considered to be less than what the rivals have charged for the vehicle to be sent to the customer’s house. Though the price is less it has the powerful engine operating with the 3.6 liter tank with the Pentastar V6 engine model. Excellent horsepower of 283 with the 6 speed automatic transmission will let the driver get best control on the way the vehicle is handled. The main reason that it gives full control is the absence of the rear seats that would usually add weight and would lessen the speed though the power is high like what is usually noticed in the other trucks.
More benefitting feature about the Ram CV Tradesman is the fuel economy with the good number of 18 miles per gallon. This number holds good within the city where as on the highway it could manage up to 27 mpg. The other countable features are keyless entry, steering wheel audio controls, dual – zone climatic control, power windows and best audio system supported with the auxiliary jack of music. The vehicle owners would also get the Uconnect infotainment which does include the satellite radio and voice control which are optional along with the other optional features like an alarm and the rear glass. Than the minivan one should agree that this Ram CV Tradesman would carry more capacity and hence is more suitable for the mid range weight carrying individuals.


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